STEMA Mobile Marketing through QR-Code

What is a QR-Code?

The QR-Code (Quick Response) is a 2 dimensional barcode which arised from the automobile industry.
The codes are always square and existing of various patterns in their middle spot. They can be easily identified with a smartphone (or something similar with an included camera) through a Codereading-Software and decrypting the corresponding information.

QR-Code what for?

At the beginning the QR-Codes have been used entirely in industry. These days they are, besides advertisement and print media, an integral element in the medical technology where the codes will be used frequently in various cases.

Why mobile Marketing?

According to a study the use of the internet through PC's is decreasing in an identical size like the mobile use of the internet is increasing.
For our customers and all those interested we wanted to support this development and decided ourselves for the STEMA QR-Code.
As soon as the code will be scanned i. e. through a mobile device the user ends up directly on a for STEMA special modified "landing page" with all relevant and important datas and facts about STEMA without typing inconvenient and long addresses of homepages.

Just try it out!

Your STEMA-Team

If this is of interest to you, simply contact us. We will be happy to advise you!